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Organic Therapeutic Herbal Bath Tea

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Mu & Me organic therapeutic herbal bath tea is cruelty free. A traditional medicine technique used in water therapy to rejuvenate the body. Our herbal bath tea is a great way to relax, soothe aching muscles, stimulate circulation, energize, and improve mindset. Soaking in our healing herbal bath tea provides a quiet sanctuary in which to retreat, reflect, and refresh. Experience the lavish spa lifestyle in the comfort of your home.

Remember SKIN CARE products should IMPROVE or PROTECT skin at all times.  


  •  Botanicals Arrangement (Minerals)
  •  Pink Himalayan Salt (balance pH levels)
  •  Dead Sea Salt (repairs damaged tissue)
  •  Herbs (boost immunity levels)

How To Use

  •  Clean Tub 
  •  Place Tub Stopper 
  •  Adjust H2o Temperature (hot water)
  •  Fill Tub with H2o
  •  Apply Bath Tea into Tub
  •  Relax, Reflex, Refresh