Mu & Me Mission

Mu & Me therapeutic natural skin care focused on creating organic herbal treatments and botanical arrangements to reset, restore, and renew vibes.

Mu & Me begun as an idea to solve a problem. The problem dealt with an allergic reaction, which lead to massive testing and research on several major cosmetic companies. Upon completion, Mercedes discovered the risks of harmful chemicals used in beauty products, which lead to the discovery of Mu & me. 

Mu & Me mission is to become the World's # 1 leading natural therapeutic plant base cosmetic company, inspiring nations to honor their bodies with natural resources. 

 Meet The Owners   Mercedes McNeal & Milan Jennah

 Mu & Me is operated by mompreneur, Mercedes McNeal, and three year old daughter Milan Jennah Lofton. 

Milan Jennah Lofton, entrepreneurial spirit emerged, when she was just two years of age. Developed by mompreneur, Mercedes McNeal, as a solution to prevent harm through dermal absorption in skin care products.

After conducting intensive research on major cosmetic companies, Mercedes learned the affects of harmful synthetic chemical used to produce lotions, soaps, body scrubs, and etc. Finally, mompreneur acted and developed therapeutical methods using plant base herbs, essential oils, and botanical arrangements to fix the cosmetic market.

Mercedes created Mu & Me, as a gift to her princess Milan for Mercedes's 29th birthday. It was a dream come true. Freedom to create cosmetic products with knowledge of Mother Nature. 

Mercedes has attended the prestigious Clark Atlanta University with an concentration in Chemistry and Mathematics. She has assist many professional in the health care industry from dentistry to labor in delivery. Mercedes's ability to understand the human body is phenomenal. Mercedes has incorporated healing agents to reset PH levels for balance.

Come experience Mu & Me today and throw away those harmful bathroom products, your skin will thank us later.