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About Mu & Me

We are an ecommerce store that offer natural skin care products for all skin types.  From Ebony-Dark Queens to Caramel Ladies to Snow White Princesses, our natural blend of organic herbs, flowers and essentials oils are developed and formulated to deliver the best skincare experience obtainable without the worries of damaging side effects.


The natural skin care industry has come to stay and with more people turning towards natural ingredients for their skincare needs, Mu-Me has risen up to the task and taken on the challenge.


From home-made remedies to luxury spa products everyday use facials and body creams, our commitment to using unmodified and high quality organic ingredients has positioned us at the frontiers of skincare and beauty research.


At Mu-Me, we make sure to capture the natural potency of plant-based skin care solutions and deliver them in simplified skincare routines and affordable products that shield you from the worries or potential damages of harsh chemical substances contained in most skin care products.


Because we understand how hard it is to keep up with so many skin care choices you are bombarded with everyday, our products are infused with popular natural ingredients that you do not have to twist your tongue before you pronounce.

 From the soothing and moisturizing Beauty Facial Rollers to the softening property of the Sweet Scented Sugar Body Polish and confident nature of  Bath Bomb Fizzers, you definitely won’t have a hard time pampering your dermis.


Mu-Me at a Glance  

  • Natural sin care solutions for  all skin types
  • 100% organic herbs, flowers and essentials oils extract.
  • Rejuvenates, restores and renews all skin types


Mu & Me therapeutic natural skin care solutions is focused on creating organic herbal treatments and botanical arrangements to reset, restore, and renew your vibes.


Our Story

Who else hates allergies?

 We saw a problem and resolved to develop an idea that has become our SECRET SOLUTION to your skin care problems: prevent harm through dermal absorption in skin care products!


Mu & Me began as a solution to skin allergies and reaction without any label. Luckily for us, our CEO and Mompreneur, Mercedes Mc Neal embarked on massive testing and researched major cosmetic brands.


At the end of that dare-devil endeavor, Mercedes discovered harmful chemicals used in beauty products and their potential risks. A burning desire to offer less dangerous alternatives led to the unveiling of Mu & Me.


Our Mission

Mu & Me mission is to become the World’s # 1 leading natural therapeutic plant base cosmetic company, inspiring nations to honor their bodies with natural resources.


Our Vision

The No. 1 Natural Skincare Shop for all Skin Types.


At Mu & Me, we understand that beauty is beyond soap suds and creams..it is as much about what you feel on the inside as it is about what you use on the outside. No matter your skin tone, budget or background, there is a Mu & Me solution for you.


Meet the Owners

Rather than miss out on her daughters childhood, Mercedes Mc Neal used her income taxes to brand a business and take on the role of Mompreneur so she can watch her daughter grow. 

After conducting intensive research on major cosmetic companies, Mercedes learned the effects of harmful synthetic chemicals used to produce lotions, soaps, body scrubs, etc. She then developed therapeutic methods using plant base herbs, essential oils, and botanical arrangements to offer cosmetic solutions.

On her 29th birthday, Mercedes created Mu & Me as a gift to her princess, Milan. The freedom to create cosmetic products with knowledge of Mother Nature is a dream come true.

Mercedes attended the prestigious Clark Atlanta University with an concentration in Chemistry and Mathematics. She has also assisted many professionals in the health care industry from dentistry to labor and delivery. She has assisted in the delivery of two hundred children. Her ability to understand the human body is phenomenal and she had put this knowledge into good use by incorporating healing agents that reset skin PH levels.

Together with her daughter, Milan Jenna Lofton whose astute and uncanny business sense has earned her the title of “youngpreneur”, Mercedes pilots the affairs of Mu & Me. 

 Experience Mu & Me today and we bet you’ll throw away those harmful bathroom products. Mu & Me…exceptional today, extraordinary every day.


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