Prevent Dry Skin


Do you have dry or cracked skin? Do you feel dryness even if you have oily skin?


Then it’s right time to gift you a perfect moisturizer. Our golden body butters are used to prevent and treat dry skin. They provide a soothing protective film by lubricating the skin.

Our body butters slow down evaporation of the skin’s moisture, by maintaining hydration, hence improves the appearance of dry and aging skin.

These body butters are mostly used in many dermatologic and skin therapies. They are important because they help to keep your skin hydrated, even oily skin types need to moisturize. That’s why moisturizers should be a must in your skincare routine.

You can say our product is your moisturizer that keeps your skin lovely and lively.

Essential features of a good moisturizer include adaptability, protection and maximum absorption. Many moisturizers may also include sun protectant and whitening qualities.

Types of Moisturizers:

There are several types of moisturizers. Each one is packed with miraculously efficacious skin moisturizing properties that keeps your skin hydrated by giving a radiant, supple and glowing skin. Let’s have a quick look on each of the following:



Emollients help fill the cracks and seal in the water to provide a smooth, soft and glowing complexion. 



 Humectants draw water into the top layer of the skin. Humectants attract water molecules like a magnet. They encourage the shedding of dead cells by breaking down the proteins.



Occlusives provide a thicker protective barrier to prevent water loss. It locks the skin moisture and results in giving a luminously radiant skin. 

Use clean hands to apply moisturizer to still-damp skin. Use short but firm strokes with your hands to spread the moisturizer over your body and smooth it into your skin. Be sure to apply moisturizer in the direction of the hair follicle and don't rub too hard to avoid skin irritation.

Tips to use Moisturizer

  • Pick the right moisturizer
  • Don't rub to hard
  • Apply Routinely
  • Moisturize Oily Skin
  • Don't apply too much
  • Never forget your neck