"5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Mu & Me Honey Facial Mask"

#1 What are the major ingredients of the Honey Facial Mask?

There are 4 main ingredients of the Honey Facial Mask. Honey, this is the main ingredient of the Honey Facial Mask, as we all know Honey is commonly used in most of the facial mask in the skin care market.

Honey has benefits that are unique to its properties. We all know the common one when applied raw, it is the best exfoliator. It removes dead skin cells making a new way for new cells underneath.

Turmeric is the second main ingredient in Honey Facial Mask. We use turmeric in various ways, one of which is skincare. Turmeric too has unique properties in cleaning and exfoliation, it can reduce the inflammation of the skin. Inflammation is found when the skin is irritated from UV rays or other chemicals found in
other skincare.

Third, the apple cider vinegar. Who would have thought that apple cider can also be used in skincare when it was known to be consumed? Well, apple cider is found to be effective in treating acne, our CEO found out that apple cider and its acidic properties can cure acne. It's amazing, right?

The last but not least ingredient is the aloe vera. Aloe vera is found in most skin care products and it is a plant where the most benefit of skincare came from. Aloe vera can treat inflammation, burns, irritation and so much more. It is a soothing plant that is known to us that most people use.

#2 Is this safe for sensitive skin?

A big YES! Our Honey Facial Mask is 100% vegan and safe. There are no parabens used for preservations. Parabens are commonly used in most skincare, make-ups, and other products to help preserve shelf life. Making it last longer and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. But parabens too can cause breast cancer if it is used near the breast, mostly in underarms for deodorant.

What more if it's used in the face? Leave no worries in our Honey Facial Mask, because as we have stated, it is a paraben-free product, and it is great for sensitive skin. It's 100% natural! We are known for our organic products that
are 100% kid-safe, as kids have the most sensitive skins, as early as four years old can use our product.

#3 Chemical-based products are effective, why should we switch to organic?

We would not argue if you believe that chemical-based product is effective and able to see results immediately, while organic products are in the long run. But are you sure, it is safe? Are you sure there are no harmful side effects? We have mentioned the parabens, are you still not afraid of getting the side effects?

Chemical-based products are known to have the best and immediate results in most of the ways, not just skincare. However, have you researched enough to know that immediate results will lead to immediate failure?

Even in losing weight, you can't have magic that will poof away your fats right? And besides, there are steps in losing weight too. Skincare is a very sensitive part of self-care. You ask me, why? Because you need to know what is the best product that is suitable for your skin.

If you failed to do that then it will lead to more serious problems. So why organic? There are no failures in organic, you just have to know your skin condition.

Yes, it is longer than chemical but it is safe to wherever you want to
apply it all over your body you can even consume it, but I would advise no. You will not expect any side effects in using organic products. There is no harm in everything that God created right? Just harmful mind.

#4 Is it affordable?

Everything that God created is free so there is no excuse in making it affordable. Our products are low-cost to the point that even the small living girls can afford them.

Plus, we are planning to expand our product market so we could cater to teenagers too, that is for future plans. We also believe that skincare should be for everyone and not just selected rich women.

Our CEO makes sure that everyone can get what they want at a very affordable price but with the same effects as those expensive ones. We love to hear the reviews of our customers saying it is effective and affordable while us, knowing that we do not harm anyone with harmful chemicals, is flattered and is worry-free that our customers will come back and buy more. Skincare does not have living status, knows no boundaries, and no age limit too.

#5 Why organic?

Mu & Me's story is like any mother's story out there. We love our kids so much, it is painful for us to see them suffer in silence. This story is from a mother who has seen her child suffer from skin allergy due to harmful chemicals found in skincare products.

A lot of us have sensitive skin this is why we are very picky in what we apply to our face or body. Organic ingredients never harmed anyone and are continue to display miracles in our daily life. Even animals who do not know what should they eat, consume them right?

We promote organic skincare because people out there like to apply and consume something that they did not know is harmful to them, if not for themselves then for the people around them.

Skincare should have no boundaries, no age limits, and should have no living status required. As a mother taking care of her kids, our CEO would like to take care of the other woman, who suffer from skin allergies or diseases but still want to self-care.

Yes, it may take some time but patience is always the key. So we choose organic skin care made with love rather than chemical skin care.