Soak In The Benefits Mu's Therapeutic Herbal Bath Tea

For thousands of years, herbal therapy has been used to treat skin disorders. Our herbal bath tea is infuse with antioxidants, while reducing inflammation, and balancing skin hormones. Soaking in our herbal bath tea is one of the best ways to usher in some recreation despite life's daily routines.

In addition to facilitating relaxation, taking hot baths regularly also helps prevent many diseases. It is a pleasurable experience, easing alleviating anxiety while providing a private sanctuary for the herbs to leave the plant and absorb into skin. 

Major Ingredients of Our Herbal Therapeutic Bath Tea

● Our herbal bath tea is harmless because the ingredients are organic: derived from living matter. Dead Sea Salt is one of the major ingredients used for cleansing, detoxifying, age-defying, and restoring the body. Dead Sea Salt contains 10x more minerals then normal sea salt. Did you know Queen Cleopatra used dead sea salt extensively in her beauty regimen? Because it included minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Zinc, Potassium, and Sulphur. A great natural exfoliate to detoxify and gently remove toxins and impurities from body.


●Our herbal bath tea also includes Lavender Flowers for their specific therapeutic benefits, including aromatherapy, eliminate acne, body detox, and flaky dry skin or face. While soften skin, soothing muscles, stimulating circulation, and combatting infection.

● Another ingredient is Pink Himalayan Salt. Pink Himalayan salt is great for
detoxifying toxins in the body. It is natural collagen that boosts for healthy, strong, and youthful appearance, because it helps shrink pores naturally.

So, our herbal baths is a simple and relaxing way to support your well-being while balancing pH. Using the power of herbs and the soothing of warm water, you can absorb supportive plant constituents through the largest organ in the body, the skin.

Difference it has from other BATH TEA

Skin is safe and there is no side effect when you use our herbal bath tea
because Mu & Me uses 100% vegan and organic ingredients. Herbal remedies, including those for skin disorders, are currently gaining popularity, and to a lesser degree among physicians. Soaking in a bath tea for a minimum of 20 minutes is considered to be among the simplest methods to restart a hectic day.
The healing properties enclosed in the herbs help ease the skin, loosen up the muscles and joints as well as invigorate the circulation system in the body. If all these are not enough, remember, the herbs also possess a pleasant aroma that will make you feel fresh throughout the day.

Our product is highly recommend for athletes, dancers, mothers, and lawyers. Our herbal bath tea is not only an advantage for the skin, but also for relaxation of the mind. Moreover, bathing in our herb-infused water will reduce stress, soothes the skin, and provides a relaxing, spa-like experience.

Our herbal bath tea is a natural product that does not damage the skin.
It helps to heal the damages of your skin or any skin diseases. If you care
about your skin try our product. Many benefits of our herbal bath tea detoxifies skin, delay skin cell aging, promotes healing of sores and wounds, soothes
stressed skin, help to balance skin tone, aids in the repair of sun damage,
promotes rejuvenation of skin cells and fights free radials, purchase today at